Zhang Jiao by Fon Ronsenbutt

The Holy One.

Zhang Jiao is the Lord and Savior of Friendmakingtopia.

Proverbials 8-4:4Edit

"And to this is lay, the Friend Makers. These are the cornerstones of society. This, and forth many good things, unto these friend makers. But harken, you shall not seek, the Uholy One that is Jet."

Lymphnodic 3-9:1Edit

"'As the Heavens wish upon thou, ye must spake upon buttered bread. If thy toast is not of ripe temperature, thou may face many a pox upon thee. For, it's thy sake to know nought of these things, as the Heavens demanded upon it.' So spake the great Toasted One."

The Prayer for Jiao (Verses 5:3)Edit

"Oh, Fruity One. Taketh us to be thine own.Please, taketh thy own Will.And be done, with all.Thee, who art there.Spaketh slowly for our Hearts.And thee will bring unto us. The Holy Toast."