"There are three kinds of affection: True love, family affection, and friendly love. This page will explain all three.

Family affection is usually the first one that comes around. It is the connection you have with your parents and your siblings. there is no better way to have a good time than to have it with your family members

Friendly affection is started when you make contact with the outside world it is usually started at school. You meet someone who wants to know your name or meet a fellow new student and before you know it, you have a new friend! Maintaining that friendship is a different proccess though.

True love is usually spawned frome friendly affection and is a deep connection with a man or woman who really cares about you. This is someone who makes you feel happy and someone you want to spend your life with.

There are some stressful things that happens during this relationship aswell:

When your love brakes up with you is one of the worst. if things get sour between each other, don't find another person just to make your X jealous. that just makes it worse for everyone.

When they leave and don't contact you. If this happens and you miss the person you lost contact with, make a video and put it on the internet where they might see it. make sure you leave your name and a way to contact you somewhere in the video."

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