Rick W. Larson Sr. Jr.Edit

Rick W. Larson is the man responible for the liberation of Friendmakingwiki from the evil clutches of Jetgamer, who has now since been dethroned.
Shrek balloon

The man undercover.

From humble bottoms.Edit

Rick Larson was the urinal at a broken down gas station. Fed up with the consumption of trucker piss, Rick decided to overthrow Jetgamer's fetid rule of the land.

Rick was easily stronger than the weak, obese, and ill dressed Jetgamer, and had the help of Carlos Chantor to stop the Dark One once, and for all.

The legend dies.Edit

After anal sex with his husband, Rick was given a massive ammount of trauma to his lower intestine. He abrubtly died and resumed his old job as a urinal after his death. He will most likely be forgotten.

So what..

Rick's husband.