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Jetgamer's husband

Jetgamer is the old admin of Friendmakingwiki.

Since taking over by Rick W. Larson, and later the glorious Nikolai Krukov.
Double Vision lol

My husband.

The begining...Edit

Jetgamer was the bastard son of Stefan Amaris and Hans Asperger.

Stefan threatened to cull the beast when it errupted from Asperger's womb, but Hans would have none of it. Luckily, Stefan was able to castrate the horrific creature, making Jetgamer a eunuch.

Betterer DaysEdit

Jetgamer spent his loathsome days and Jiang Jiao's arch enemy. Zhang preached that Jetgamer would bring an end to Friendmakingtopia, a country that Jet had created at sheer lonesome.

Jetgamer fapped religiously to baby fur yiff, and shot his load into many a smart phone.

Today (Yayyy)Edit

Jetgamer is now in the Wisconsin Jail for Stupid Sexual Folks. (WJSS)

This ain't a lie, kiddies!

Jetgamer's full name is Jet Ignoramus Zilch Zomodo, making his name JIZZ.

He molested four little boys, which is why he is in jail.